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In the mid-19th century San Sebastián was a walled city. In 1863, after an intense battle, the wall collapsed allowing the expansion of the city. Thanks to this decision, the widening of the city began, giving rise to the new neighborhoods that together with the old part will make up the tourist area of ​​the city.
In 1884 the pharmacist Don Francisco Minteguiaga, son of the famous apothecary in the historic area, decided to settle on Loiola street very close to what will be the city's new cathedral. 

In 1917 the pharmacy was transferred to Don Miguel Zatarain. To adapt it to the aesthetics of the time, Zatarain contracts the cabinetmaking and design services of the Florentino Loidi furniture factory.

Years later, in 1958, the daughter of the cabinetmaker who reformed the pharmacy, Doña Ángela Loidi Bizkarrondo, became the owner of this pharmacy. She moved from Pasajes San Juan, where she worked. First, she obtained permission to open a pharmacy in Amara, but after the building collapsed, she began a new search and ended up in the pharmacy that her father renovated. In 1972 the total renovation of the building was undertaken and with it Angela ordered the most cutting-edge furniture in Germany. In 2019, with the intention of adapting the interior to the up-to-day consumer model, the interior reform of the pharmacy was carried out, giving it the current appearance.

Since 1993, Doña Elena Navarro Loidi, daughter of Ángela Loidi, leads the pharmacy. Since 2018 her granddaughter Dra Marta Pastor Navarro supports her mother and together with her team of professionals continue to offer the quality service that has always distinguished this pharmacy.

Three generations, one goal: health and well-being of people.




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