Since 1884

Until the mid-nineteenth century, San Sebastian was fortified. In 1863 the walls were demolished. Thanks to this decision, San Sebastián became a valued tourist center.

Taking advantage of this expansion, the pharmacist D. Francisco Minteguiaga, son of a prestigious pharmacist of the old town, decided in 1884 to settle in the environs of the new cathedral of the city. There, he will develop his work of elaboration and sale of prized potions until his death in 1917, when Mr. José Miguel Zatarain takes over and adapts the premises to the new aesthetics and needs of the time, commissioning his reform to the furniture factory D. Florentino Loidi, SL.

Mrs. Angela Loidi, daughter of the latter and pharmacist in Pasajes of San Juan, will move to this pharmacy in 1958 that will continue with the charm of the first century until the demolition of the house. In 1972 reopens the pharmacy with the latest sanitary and technological innovations brought from Germany, the most important fair of the moment.

Nowadays her daughter Doña Elena Navarro Loidi continues her work at the pharmacy.